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Hair transplantation does not have a specific season, it can be done at any time of the year. Hair loss in humans may increase or decrease in certain months and seasonal transitions.

A person can determine the right time for hair transplantation according to this process.

The transplanted hair starts to grow within three months. In case of crusting and redness on the scalp after hair transplant surgery, it should not be exposed to excessive sunlight.

Although some hair transplant surgeons claim that the most suitable time for hair transplantation is autumn, hair transplantation can be performed thanks to modern technology and techniques to reduce the possibility of negative effects of the sun in hair transplantation surgeries in the forehead and crown area. It is carried out in any season.

Excessive sweating and itching may occur in the summer months. You should not scratch the transplantation area after the surgery. You can visit the pool, sea and sauna only 1 month after landing. The reason why pool and sea visits are not recommended is the risk of infection. For quick recovery, patients are advised to follow the rules.

Besides all this, you also need to plan your social life. In order for the recovery process to be more comfortable, you should plan the operation by taking into account the upcoming graduation, engagement and other events you plan to attend.

It is the best time for hair transplantation if the person is mentally and financially ready. The operation can be started immediately after the necessary tests are performed.

Things to consider after hair transplantation

Issues such as the experience of the hair transplant specialist, the quality of the patient’s hair follicles, and blood circulation in the scalp are very important to obtain positive results. You had this surgery done by a specialist and the specialist told you that your hair follicles were of high quality and alive and that you would get good results. So, what should you pay attention to after hair transplantation, what do we recommend?

First of all, we mentioned that hair transplantation is a surgical procedure. After hair transplantation, slight redness and swelling occur on the scalp and temporary crusting occurs.

How to wash your hair for the first time? The doctor who performs the hair transplantation performs the first wash with a special technique on the 2nd or 3rd day after the operation. The patient is told how to wash his hair. You need to wash your hair according to the instructions once a day for 10 days.

After hair transplantation, there should be no friction or impact in the transplanted area. Avoid going out in the sun if possible for the first 10 days, and if you do, be sure to wear a hat. You should not consume alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine after transplantation. You should drink at least 2 liters of water a day

It is very important for the patient to lie on his back for the first 10 days after the procedure to limit the friction of the transplanted areas with the pillow.

After hair transplantation, there should be no friction or impact in the transplanted area.

5 methods used in hair transplantation

Hair transplantation is a small but important surgical procedure that should not be taken lightly. It is one of the methods preferred by those who want to find a permanent solution to the problem of severe hair loss or baldness.

Many methods have been developed in the field of hair transplantation over the years. And all the methods come down to the technique of collecting hair from the donor area.

Thanks to the use of the latest methods with countless capabilities and technologies, the hair transplantation process is much more comfortable and the recovery process is much faster.

Hair transplantation, using modern medical techniques, gives the hair its natural and thick appearance as if it had never been lost.

Let’s look at what methods are used in hair transplantation. We would like to emphasize once again that the method is determined by the expert. The most suitable method is the method chosen specifically for you.