The disease, medically called Alopecia Areata, causes hair loss in all parts of the body covered with hair, and the beard is no exception. It is an autoimmune disease that affects the beard area in men. Ringworm, which usually occurs suddenly, causes the beard to fall out in small, round pieces.
Ringworm causes noticeable and unsightly gaps in the beard. It usually does not spread, but it can spread to other areas over time. If left untreated, beard ringworm can spread and lead to sudden and more extensive hair loss.
Experts say that the cause of the disease is related to the immune system. Basically, if anyone in the family has a history of this disease, the probability of encountering this disease is much higher. As with hair loss, mental and emotional stress and depression are some of the triggers of this disease. Iron and protein deficiency due to irregular and unbalanced nutrition, thyroid disease, medication use, diabetes, chemotherapy and other environmental factors also have a positive effect on the formation of this disease.
Early diagnosis is very important in this disease. If treatment is not started early, the gaps will grow and spread. Healthy and nutritious nutrition is very important in this disease; Foods containing protein and iron should be consumed in abundance. The following medicinal and herbal treatments are used:

cortisone treatment
Anthralin ointment
garlic application
· Care with aloe vera gel
Treatment with onion juice
Hyperfish water application
· Oily herbal massage applications
· Use of coconut milk