What is Fue Hair Transplantation?

The process of collecting hair follicles from the donor area one by one, passing them through appropriate procedures and transplanting them is called the FUE hair transplantation method. It is a hair transplantation technique that has been used safely in our country for about 20 years and has a very high satisfaction rate. The process is completed after careful and meticulous work. It is not a surgical procedure. The integrity of the scalp is not compromised and does not require stitches. It is recommended for people with very intense hair loss. Women and men can have this procedure done safely. On average, around 3000-4000 roots can be transplanted in one session. It should be done by expert healthcare professionals. The procedure must be performed under hospital conditions. FUE hair transplantation method is an intervention that must be done gradually and in a planned manner.

How is Fue Hair Transplantation Applied?

A physical examination is performed before the procedure. During the examination, the degree of baldness, the number of roots required for transplantation, the donor area and the day of the procedure are determined. October sessions are planned individually. It consists of different stages: examination, anesthesia, graft collection, preparation of grafts, transplantation and dressing. Each stage must be completed completely. After the examination, an appointment is made for FUE hair transplantation. The determined donor area is cleaned. Local anesthesia is applied. The roots are collected one by one with a special punch pen. Therefore, the processing time may take a little longer. Root collection is done within certain criteria. In this way, no thinning is observed on the nape of the neck. Roots are extracted in a laboratory environment. Roots that have little chance of holding and appear weak are not planted. The prepared roots are kept in the solution. The channel is opened and the roots are planted in this channel at a certain angle and direction. Finally, a dressing is applied and the procedure is completed with a bandage.

What are Fue Hair Transplantation Techniques?

It is a technique applied with the help of a special pen. Although this technique requires a long time in application, it produces permanent results after the procedure. A certain cost is given for the transplantation process. Therefore, achieving permanent results is the desire of every individual. It is a successful technique that can be applied to all age groups.

In Which Situations Is Fue Hair Transplantation Preferred?

FUE hair transplantation technique is applied in cases where genetically intense hair loss and baldness occurs, in cases of female and male pattern hair loss, in cases where previous transplantation has been performed but could not achieve the desired result and in cases where there is a lack of roots in the donor area. Since root harvesting and planting is done one by one, the chances of the roots being damaged or not taking hold are almost non-existent. For this reason, the procedure definitely has satisfactory results. The success of the procedure varies depending on the healthcare professional performing the procedure, the innovation of the instruments used, post-transplant care and the quality of the roots. Unless the root quality is sufficient, the chance of holding is low. For this reason, meticulous work should be carried out during the sorting phase. People who want to have healthy and thick hair can choose this technique and have transplantation whenever they want.

How Long Does Fue Hair Transplant Procedure Take?

Graft collection and transplantation are done at different times. Therefore, processing time may take longer. While harvesting the roots varies between 4 hours depending on the person’s condition, planting them may take 6-7 hours. After the graft is collected, the person is given a break and rested. The criteria affecting the duration of the FUE hair transplantation procedure are the size of the area to be transplanted, the experience of the person performing the procedure, the number of grafts, the number of sessions and the structure of the scalp. In some cases, the scalp may have structures that will negatively affect the procedure. Being more oily than normal and having a hard structure may prolong the grooving process. The necessary time must be given for a healthy and successful application. In this way, a more careful and meticulous process can be carried out.

What Should Be Done Before Fue Hair Transplant Operation?

Some preparation steps are required before the procedure. The more meticulously the preparation phase is carried out, the more success will be achieved as a result of the process. Things to consider before FUE hair transplantation:

  • Hair should be washed before the procedure and there should be no oily residue when it comes for the procedure.
  • Avoid applying chemical-containing substances such as gel and hair mousse to the hair.
  • Avoiding the use of harmful substances that can affect blood circulation, such as alcohol and cigarettes
  • When coming to the procedure, make sure you are full and consume foods that will not tire your body.

In addition to these criteria, comfortable clothes should be worn, heavy sports should not be done and blood thinners should not be used. Your doctor will explain to you in detail what you need to do before the procedure.

Return to Normal Life After Fue Hair Transplantation

Returning to normal life after FUE hair transplantation can be achieved in a very short time due to reasons such as preserving tissue integrity and avoiding stitches. The person can return to working life 15 days after the procedure. People who do not have a heavy and fast-paced working life can start working earlier with doctor’s permission. You can return to social life after the first week. To avoid complications, you must comply with the periods allowed by your doctor. This period is important so that the result of the procedure is not adversely affected and the roots are not damaged. Light-paced exercises can be done at the end of a week. Frequent hair washing can be applied. The bandage is removed under doctor’s supervision. There may be people who do not want to say that they have had a hair transplant. In such cases, a rest report of at least 10 days must be obtained. FUE hair transplantation is a procedure that goes unnoticed after 10 minutes. The healing process is comfortable and trouble-free. A mild headache may occur on the first day after the procedure. Therefore, painkillers prescribed by the doctor should be taken. Substances such as alcohol and cigarettes should never be used. On the first day, you should sleep with your head up. It is recommended not to lie down in the planting area as much as possible. People who use blood thinners should not take this medicine until their doctor gives permission. The first washing should be done at the appropriate time recommended by the doctor. The head is not massaged while washing. Very hot water is not used. Washing is done with a natural shampoo that does not contain salt. If dressing is recommended for a week, the dressing dates must be taken into consideration. The healing process after FUE hair transplantation technique can be completed without any problems if care is taken.

What are the Advantages of Fue Hair Transplantation Method?

Since there is no incision or stitching during the transplantation process, the recovery time is very short. Since it is a multifunctional technique, it can be easily used for different planting areas. The occurrence of pain and ache is extremely low. At the end of the first 6 months, new hair can reach visible dimensions. The results of the procedure are completely natural. For this reason, it is not clear that the planting was done. The risk of complications is almost non-existent. Natural planting of roots is easier with this technique. Since it is planted one by one, it is easy to adjust the angle and direction position. To have the vibrant and dense hair you dream of and to use this hair for a lifetime, you can have a privileged hair transplantation procedure using the FUE technique.

What should those who have Fue Hair Transplantation Pay Attention to?

Although hair transplantation is not a surgical procedure, it is a serious procedure. Therefore, care must be taken. Harmful substances such as alcohol and cigarettes should not be used after the procedure. No pressure should be applied while washing hair. It should be protected from sunlight. The crusting period may last for the first month. The shells should not be touched during this period. While trying to remove the bark, you may also cause the roots to lift. Areas such as pools and the sea should not be entered for at least 2 months. Saunas and Turkish baths should be avoided during the healing process. High temperatures can cause serious damage to the planting process. Since the scalp is sensitive, it should be kept away from all kinds of contact and pressure. It must be prevented from getting hit. The points that need to be taken into consideration after the FUE hair transplantation technique are carried out completely in order for the follicles to grow completely. Therefore, it is best for you to be attentive and careful.

Correct Determination of the Growth Direction of Hair Follicles

Each hair follicle has its own specific direction of growth. Due to this direction, the posture of our hair is determined. People who are not experienced and have not received the necessary training for hair transplantation may not be able to determine the transplantation direction correctly. As a result, an appearance that looks like a prosthesis and fake hair emerges. Hair direction may differ depending on the area to be transplanted. For this reason, the person who transplants must be a person who can perform versatile operations. The main reason for the decrease in satisfaction rates after the procedure is incorrect direction adjustment. The basis of looking beautiful and aesthetic is always naturalness. You can have natural and permanent new hair with FUE hair transplantation technique. Although it is a technique that has started to be used older than other transplantation methods, it is always a priority when compared to its success rate.

The reason why the hair follicles to be transplanted should be taken from the nape area

The hair follicles in the nape area are more durable and have a higher retention rate than the follicles in other parts of the scalp. The adhesion rate of roots taken from different parts of the body in the newly transplanted area is lower than this area. The root grafts of the nape area are more fatty. The high oil content makes the root behave as if it has never left its location. Since the roots are removed one by one during the FUE hair transplantation technique, the diameter and health status of the root can be better determined. The shock shedding process proceeds very quickly. For this reason, people may worry that the transplantation process is not working. Only after permanent roots appear do the real results appear. The follicles located in the nape area have very successful results not only in hair transplantation but also in different applications. The roots found in this area can be safely used in procedures such as beard transplantation, eyebrow transplantation and mustache transplantation. This area is the priority in all planting techniques used. Then, donor areas such as behind the ear and chest area are selected.

Comments of Those Who Had Fue Hair Transplantation

As a result of the research, everyone who has had the procedure is extremely satisfied with the FUE hair transplantation technique. Plantings performed in areas without healthcare facilities may result in both complications and failure. If you are careful in choosing a health institution, you will be satisfied with the result of the procedure.

Fue Hair Transplantation Method Prices 2022

Transaction costs vary due to some issues. They are not fixed amounts. For this reason, people who want to have FUE hair transplantation must be careful. The number of grafts to be transplanted, the number of disposable materials used during the procedure, exchange rate differences and physician fees vary. The costs of institutions that perform successful and high-quality transactions may differ from other institutions. However, considering the success you achieve as a result of this process, the prices become affordable. Institutions trading below market value can cause infection and failed transactions. For this reason, price should be the last thing you pay attention to when choosing a center. The institution’s complication rate, success scale, operator satisfaction rate and price performance comparison should be made. You can contact us immediately to get information about Fue hair transplantation prices 2022