Cheiloplasty (Lip Augmentation and Reshaping)

Compliance with the aesthetic proportions of the face creates an effect that increases the attractiveness and beauty of the person and makes them stand out even more. Women who want to have fuller and larger lips have tried to enlarge them with make-up and pencil applications for years. Now, this look can be achieved easily and permanently with lip augmentation and shaping procedures.

The lower lip should be more voluminous than the upper lip, which has an important place in the aesthetic appearance of the face. The distance between the lips and nose is also important. If there is a symmetrical irregularity in the lips, this also needs to be corrected.

With the lip augmentation procedure, the lips become more prominent while preserving their naturalness. It also lightens the wrinkles above the lips, giving the person a more youthful appearance.

Upper Lip Vy Plastic

Upper Lip Vy Plastic, this is a lip plumping technique. V-shaped incisions are made on the upper and lower lips from the inside of the mouth, and then the lips are sutured in a Y-shape and plumped.
Lip Filler

Lips are the subject of poems and songs… Dozens of brands, lipsticks, pencils and glosses offer hundreds of color options to make them more prominent and look beautiful. Lips that look beautiful, well-groomed and vibrant have an important place in women’s beauty.

Fresh and full lips that are compatible with the structure of the face and the person’s facial dimensions are a factor that increases the attractiveness of women. In recent years, lip fillers, which allow the lips to regain their lost attractiveness due to aging, have attracted increasing attention.

Removal of Permanent Fillers

Since non-dissolving chemical substances are used in permanent fillings (fillers are selected from materials such as silicone, not hyaluronic acid), the procedure is irreversible. Since these substances leak into your lips, it is not possible to remove these permanent fillers without surgical interventions. Unfortunately, tissue loss also occurs when removing the filling. Trying to remove them completely means more surgery and more scars.

Aesthetic Filling

Beneficial substances in our skin that keep the skin alive and vibrant, such as collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, decrease due to advancing age, exposure to sunlight, intense stress, and harmful habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption.

As a result of the decrease in these substances that give a young and healthy appearance, wrinkles, sagging and loss of elasticity occur.

With aesthetic filler application (fillers containing hyaluronic acid), it is possible to eliminate these problems and provide a fuller, more voluminous and younger appearance.

How is Aesthetic Filling Done? How much will it take?

You have often read or watched news about bad practices regarding fillers in recent years. As with all kinds of aesthetic interventions, it is extremely important to entrust yourself to highly expert physicians when having aesthetic fillings. Which soft filler should be applied to which area is very important for both your health and the successful outcome of the procedure.


Hyaluronic acid and collagen are the building blocks of the skin. There are fillers with different contents applied to the face and body. Before the subcutaneous filling procedure, anesthetic cream is applied to the area to be performed. These fillings only take 15-30 minutes, depending on the area to be applied.

What is Aesthetic Filling?

Filling application is a cosmetic procedure applied to give a younger, tighter appearance by reshaping many parts of the face, from the under-eyes to the nose and lips, from removing fine wrinkles, sagging and deep lines on the face with its anti-aging effect, to highlighting the cheekbones, to the under-eye area, nose and lips.

Aesthetic filling fills and supports the skin, increases collagen and moisture in the skin, and creates a lifting effect on the face. Skin quality improves, and a brighter, younger and radiant appearance is achieved on the face that lifts upwards.

How Long Do Aesthetic Fillings Last?
How long do aesthetic fillings last? is one of the most curious questions of those who are considering having this application.

There are many factors that affect the longevity of the aesthetic filling procedure. It varies depending on the person’s lifestyle, skin texture, patient’s age and injection technique.

Factors affecting the longevity of the filler:

  • Its ingredients and density,
  • The quality of the filling,
  • Quality of the applied skin
  • Whether the applied area is mobile or stationary

The permanence of temporary fillings varies between 6 months and 18 months.

Are Aesthetic Fillings Durable?

The permanence of fillers varies depending on the quality of the filler used, its content, density of the substances, whether the applied area is static or mobile, skin quality and even the person’s lifestyle, and is on average 6-12 months.

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

Filling application only takes 15-30 minutes, depending on the area to be applied.


The opportunities offered by technology not only make our daily lives easier, but almost every day a new development, a new invention brings with it many innovations and developments in the field of health and aesthetic surgery. With face lift surgeries, it is now possible to easily remove the traces of years of fatigue on both our body and face and look younger.


As we age, many unpleasant images appear on our skin, such as wrinkles, deep lines, blemishes, sagging, lines around the eyes, sagging of the eyelids, bruises under the eyes, bags, and neck lines.


With these successfully performed face lift surgeries, wrinkles and sagging in the forehead, face and neck area are completely eliminated, and people have a much younger, lifted and brighter skin.


Face lift surgery is performed in the hospital under general or local anesthesia.

Surgery duration varies between 3-10 hours depending on the procedures performed.

After the surgery, it is possible to stay in the hospital or be discharged on the same day as the doctor deems appropriate.

What is Facelift Surgery?

It is impossible to stop the negative effects of time and gravity on our body and face. Since human history, men and women have tried many formulas to impress each other, to make women look stronger, more majestic, and to make women more beautiful and attractive, to make them like themselves, and it has been said that dozens of stories have been written and drawn for the sake of this youth and beauty. But unfortunately, the elixir of youth has still not been found.


, surprisingly good results are obtained from face lift surgeries on deep wrinkles and lines, sagging, sun spots, bruises under the eyes, bags, lines and neck lines that occur on our faces due to both genetic and environmental factors .


People, especially women, are also negatively affected psychologically by the deep wrinkles and depressions that form over time and settle on the face, causing a tired and unhappy appearance. At the end of facial aesthetic operations, which are performed with these surgeries and can be supported by different aesthetic applications and treatments, people feel much younger, more vigorous, happy and at peace with themselves when they look in the mirror.

Face Lift Surgery

Problems such as wrinkles, deep lines, blemishes, lines around the eyes and sagging of the eyelids, bruises under the eyes, bags, neck lines that occur on our skin in direct proportion to aging… With facelift surgeries, these problematic skin damages are repaired and people feel much younger. What they feel are plastic surgeries successfully performed by our specialist physicians.


After a detailed examination and interview with our specialist doctor, the treatment method that best suits your skin type, your most needed needs and, of course, your expectations will be determined and applied.


The lower limit for facelift surgery is generally 50 years of age. However, if doctors deem it appropriate, these surgeries are also performed on people whose skin has been wrinkled before and has become more worn for some reasons.


What is Non-Surgical Face Lift?

After the age of 30, cell renewal slows down and the substances that provide vitality and self-renewal in the skin begin to decrease. Over time, our face loses its former lively and healthy appearance due to reasons such as smoking, a life without exercise, poor nutrition, and a stressful working life. Routine maintenance that we do with our own means will also be insufficient. At this point, non-surgical face lift applications allow the skin to renew itself by triggering collagen production and replace tissue loss.

Non-surgical face lift operations are increasing in popularity day by day, especially with their presence in TV programs and the influence of social media. There are many different applications for non-surgical face lift methods.

The most appropriate treatment method for the person is determined by a detailed examination by our specialist physician, based on your skin type and your priority needs.

Advantages of Non-Surgical Face Lift Applications

Non-surgical face lift applications are very successful applications that trigger the production of collagen cells, the source of youth of the skin, and restore the lost elasticity. It can be applied to the face, neck and décolleté area.

The person can return to his/her daily life after these permanent applications that stimulate and increase collagen production without any surgical procedure.

How to Perform a Non-Surgical Face Lift?

Non-surgical face lift applications are applications that renew the skin by giving it a fuller and healthier appearance, reducing deep lines and improving skin tone, giving elasticity, brightness and tension to the skin. These applications are determined by your doctor and are divided into sessions within a plan.


Non-surgical face lift procedures include:

  • Fibrocell Fibroblast Treatment
  • Focused Ultrasound
  • Fractional Radiofrequency (Golden Needle) Skin Rejuvenation
  • Collagen Filling
  • Spider Web Method
  • Facial Mesotherapy
  • Exilis Elite Satin Face Lift
  • Non-Surgical Face Lift with Co2 Fractional Laser

Does Non-Surgical Face Lift Hurt?

Non-surgical face lift procedures are painless. Patients usually say that the sensation they feel is a slight electrical sensation. Most of the time, they are mild procedures that do not even require anesthesia, are painless, and do not irritate the skin.

Who Is This Surgery Suitable For?

Non-surgical face lift procedures are suitable for anyone of middle age or older who is disturbed by wrinkles, sagging, bruising around the eyes, sagging and wrinkles on the face, sagging, differences in skin tone, sagging of the chin and jowls, and wrinkles on the neck.

What is Mini Face Lift?

Mini-Face Lift surgery is a surgery recommended for people aged 50 and over who have deformation and sagging in the face, chin edge and neck area.

Mini-Face Lift surgery is performed in the hospital with sedation or local anesthesia. This surgery takes 1-1.5 hours.

How is Mini Face Lift Surgery Performed?

Mini-Face Lift surgery is a surgery performed in and behind the ear by a specialist physician. These surgeries are performed successfully in a hospital environment without leaving any scars.

Face Lift Prices

To find out the price information about the Face Lift application, you can get detailed information from our Call Center at 0542 152 15 00. Our employees and translators share all information in detail with our clients.